Danny W.: Danny was a long-time client of the Fullife Hope Center, and he worked hard to change how he was living his life. Early in January Danny made a life changing decision when he decided to move to Laurens, SC to begin a new chapter in his life. He has since moved into a one-bedroom apartment.

Dewey B.: Dewey had relocated and during this time continued seeking employment and housing. After several temporary employment opportunities, he was able to obtain full time employment with Ross Distribution center as a 3rd shift team leader. Dewey secured a one room apartment during the month of January, and he was able to move into his new residence during the last weekend of the month.

John B.: John was released from prison in the fall of 2020. During this time John has managed to obtain all his necessary personal identifications. John moved into Bethel Men’s Shelter while in search of employment. Over the next several months he moved into “The Haven” and has secured full time employment, as a dishwasher, and was promoted to an assistance position.